No team a slam-dunk candidate to make move to Los Angeles |

The buzz about the NFL returning to Los Angeles after a 17-year absence ratcheted up last week after the disclosure of the five teams that have been contacted about relocating.

Expect the drumbeat only to get louder from here.

Whenever the lockout ends — be it in July or September or whenever else — the two groups that have plans to build in the expansive L.A. area will move forward. AEG CEO Tim Leiweke, whose downtown group named names last week, told me earlier this year that it would take the “right CBA” for the L.A. Live project to get really serious, and it looks like eventually that CBA will come.

So is it time to worry in Minnesota, San Diego, Oakland, Jacksonville and St. Louis? Yes and no. There’s work to be done in those, the five cities that Leiweke pulled out of his hat. But no one’s moving until, at the very earliest, 2012 and the truth, from what I’ve heard, is that those teams were named because they were the obvious ones. In fact, the pool AEG is looking at is actually deeper than just the five clubs being mentioned.

That is, in large part, because there are no slam-dunk candidates to go to L.A. As such, the five above make sense for some reasons, and don’t for others.

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