Owners, players close to presenting deal to end NFL lockout | NFL.com

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NEW YORK — Legal teams and staff for NFL owners and players “chipped away,” as league general counsel Jeff Pash put it, at their remaining labor issues for 8½ hours Monday at a Manhattan law firm, with an eye on ending the four-month-old lockout.

A timeline in which a new collective bargaining agreement could be struck is now in place.

Meanwhile, in Washington, members of the NFL Players Association‘s executive committee began arriving for a Tuesday meeting that will be a precursor to a larger meeting Wednesday, which is scheduled to include player representatives from all 32 teams.

Those voices won’t be enough to re-certify the union — a vote of all 1,900 players is needed for that — but the 32 reps could vote to recommend a settlement of the Brady et al v. National Football League case. The settlement to end the lockout then would be in the hands of the 10 named plaintiffs in that antitrust lawsuit against the league.

NFLPA spokesman George Atallah told The Associated Press that the players would gather “with the hope they have something to look at, and with the hope we can move forward on this.”

via Owners, players close to presenting deal to end NFL lockout | NFL.com.

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