Agreement in place; players will vote once document is done |

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WASHINGTON –- The lockout could well be in its final hours.

Legal teams for NFL owners and players negotiated through the weekend and deep into Monday morning, wrapping up at 3 a.m. with an agreement on basic terms.

According to multiple sources involved, the deal is not 100 percent done yet, with the final document just completed about two hours prior a scheduled conference call with the 32 team player reps at 11 a.m. ET. Legal teams are proofing and fixing the details. That’s important, because the language of a completed deal is what caused some of the hang-ups that occurred last week.

The goal is for the NFLPA to present the completed document to its 13-man executive committee between 11 a.m. to noon ET on Monday, with a vote to follow. Some members of the executive committee aren’t expected to arrive in D.C. until the 11 o’clock hour. The player rep call will include a briefing of the deal and, in particular, changes since last Wednesday’s meeting.

The player reps would then vote on the deal. After that, the 10 plaintiffs in the Brady et al v. the National Football League et al lawsuit would have to sign off, which is fully expected.

At this point, what remains is “a few small points” in the language, according to a source.

via Agreement in place; players will vote once document is done |

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